MyLink Frequently Asked Questions

I added a program, but it is not appearing on the map.

Keep in mind that if two programs exist at the same address, only one will be shown.

I specified a program’s email address in the admin page, but it is not showing up on the website or app.

Program emails are not displayed on the public website or app by design. There are two reasons for this:

  • The contacts at these organizations tend to change with some frequency.
  • Some contacts may not wish to have their email shared publicly.

The purpose of storing the email address in the admin page is so that admins can more easily validate changes and/or know who to contact for questions about the program.

On the Food and Medical calendar, do I have to enter a program for each day of the week if it is offered every day? For example, a food distribution program that is open Monday-Friday?

Yes, you need to enter the day/time for each day.

  • Cycle: “Weekly”
  • Day: Specify each day the program is offered.
An organization requested a Category and or Subcategory that we do not have. What should we do?

We recommend asking organizations to think about how they can fit in the existing Categories and Subcategories that you have selected as a community. We do not recommend creating additional Categories or Subcategories for one organization. This could lead other organizations to want their own as well. If there is a need, new Categories and Subcategories can be created using the admin page.

I entered Food and Medical programs, but they are not showing up on the calendar.

Be sure to enter a schedule for the programs you want to appear in the Food and Health calendar. To add a schedule to a program, access the admin page, click on the appropriate program, and scroll to the bottom. Refer to the Training Manual for additional information.

A statewide organization wants to be listed in all communities. How can I support them?

Send their request to That information will be shared with all communities so it can be added.